Quite simply, quality of life is what the Memphis Area is all about. The rural northeast Missouri community combines the simplicity of small-town life with the luxury of quality facilities that many larger cities do without. Despite a population of less than 5,000 this area boasts a hospital, airport, nursing home, community theatre, industry, recreational activities and a quality school system, just for starters.

Where else can you get all this and have beautiful scenery & outdoor activities galore (premium hunting, boating, horseback riding & fishing) right out your back door?

For centuries rural areas have battled the population drain as their youth moved off to big cities to earn their fortune. The Memphis Area is experiencing a shift in this age-old migration pattern, as parents are deciding our community is a perfect place to raise their children. People are returning to their home community while still others have decided Scotland County is the type of community they would like to live in.